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What is it?

SignatureProfiler is a plugin for Apple’s Mail application that adds missing features for the way that signatures are handled and managed with your outgoing mail messages, especially if you have multiple mail accounts (and who doesn’t these days). It was originally written to make up for the complete lack of signature management in versions 1.x of the program, but even the latest versions are still missing some capabilities if you use several different accounts and want to share signatures between accounts.

Other features are the ability to integrate iTunes information (currently playing song) as well as random signatures from a quote file list. With scripting capability as well you can integrate any thing you’d like.

Once you have installed SignatureProfiler, you will be able to use the same signature to generate both of these different signatures, as an example:

Generated Signature Example 1    Generated Signature Example 1

In a word, what this plugin does for you is add the ability to have replaceable tags in your signatures that are context sensitive to the Mail account (and even the email address within an account) that you are sending from. In addition, you can have it autofill information from iTunes into a signature as well. Each account can also have an entire replaceable piece that is used for that account only if a certain tag is in the signature. That’s how the “Professional Assassin” appears above. It is what is called the “Tail Signature” for the Phil Anthro account.


  • OS X 10.9 or greater
  • Mail

Release 1.9.12 - 06 Feb 2016 14:12

    Provides fixes for several bugs related to scripts. The mechanism for retrieving the script resultshas been changed and now there may be a delay while the results are fetched and then, they will be inserted into the signature.

  • New: Add support for logging in the support apps and the proper collection of those logs.
  • Fixed: Fix Mail Plugin Manager to update app casts properly.
  • Fixed: Fix to ensure that replaced signatures always get removed.
  • Fixed: Change the way that scripts are run to be more sure they will complete better.
  • Fixed: Fix issue where scripts were preventing the replacements from happening.
  • OS Support: Update with support for 10.11.4 beta build.

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